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South Bend Orthopaedics partners with Orthos

South Bend Orthopaedics, a nationally recognized orthopaedics practice, is Orthos Inc. has partnered up with practice to bring about the first-of-its kind implementation Technology where providers and patients can share their experiences with Healthcare is the most difficult: slow authorizations, insurance mistakes, and High out-of-pocket costs.

This partnership brings together an internationally recognized orthopedic practice and a top-rated partner. Technology specifically designed to detect and resolve problems in orthotics billing for anesthesia. These issues, if not addressed promptly, can cause frustration. Healthcare providers can drive out-of-pocket costs, including surprise Balance billing and you risk a poor experience for your patient.

Orthos detects anomalies in the body and helps to prevent such problems. Timely alerts and data sets for clinical and administrative purposes. It can be fixed.

SBO and Orthos will integrate monitoring and analytics at the end-of-end, including:

Avoid surprise billing by identifying common denial patterns in coverage and authorizations
In compliance with Indiana’s Good Faith Estimate law, providing accurate estimates to all patients of the probable cost of their care.
It is important to keep up with the constantly changing requirements of insurance. Recognizing changes in billing outcomes to ensure patients receive the best care possible Right setting at the right moment
SBO enables the introduction of cutting-edge imaging technology into the Market with seamless billing for patients and practice
By eliminating cancellations and interruptions of clinical care Paying more attention to procedures that pose a higher risk is advisable. Insurance-related delays
Orthos is now available in ambulatory surgery centers as well as physician-owned hospitals.

“This partnership is a win-win for our community, and SBO’s position in it,” South Bend Orthopaedics President Dr. AJ Mencias. “Before Orthos, it was a difficult battle. It was taxing those who set the standard. Our patients were the first people we came to medicine. We are committed Orthos believes it can reverse that trend. It will happen.”

“Our core belief is validated by our partnership with SBO and the progress made together.” Technology and data can be used to improve patient’s lives in new ways. Ryan Callahan said, “Care and experience.” President of Orthos. “The commitment of SBO gives us an opportunity To expand our product ranges and to impact communities throughout the Country

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Orthos is a top business intelligence platform that helps to improve the efficiency of anesthesia and orthopedic practices.

South Bend Orthopaedics, a nationally-recognized orthopedic practice is located in South Bend Indiana.

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