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Unilife Launches Free Investor Relations App for the iPhone

Unilife Corporation (“Unilife” or “Company”) (NASDAQ: UNIS; ASX: UNS) has released its investor relations app, now available for free at the App Store™ on the iPhone®.

The Unilife investor relations app for iPhone allows users to navigate the Company’s investor relations materials, as well as receive a stock quote and other important stock information. Developed and powered by KCSA Strategic Communications, the Unilife app features the latest press releases and SEC filings as well as background information, videos and presentations from the Company.

To be added to the Unilife investor email list, please email [email protected] or go to the Unilife website at

Become a Unilife fan and follow the Company on Facebook at

Unilife Corporation (NASDAQ:UNIS / ASX: UNS) is a U.S. based developer and commercial supplier of advanced drug delivery systems. Unilife collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies seeking innovative, differentiated devices that can enable or enhance the delivery of injectable drugs and vaccines supplied in either a liquid stable or lyophilized form. The Unifill syringe, the world’s first and only prefilled syringe with fully integrated safety features, sits at the leading edge of this diversified portfolio. In addition to prefilled and hypodermic safety syringes with automatic, user-controlled needle retraction, Unilife has other proprietary technology platforms including drug reconstitution delivery systems, auto-injectors, auto-infusion pump systems and specialized devices for targeted organ delivery. Unilife’s global headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are located in York, PA. For more information on Unilife, please visit

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