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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Expedites Access to Care

In response to winter storm Orlena, the governor of New Jersey has declared a state-wide state of emergency. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross), Inc. is expediting access to care for members who may be affected.

In reaction to winter storm Orlena, the Senate of New Jersey has announced that the state-wide state of crisis.

Blue Cross has over 24,000 members residing in New Jersey. The health program is working to make sure those members can get health services and drugs quickly and in places convenient to them.

Effective immediately and for another 90 days, Blue Cross is permitting:

— Historical refills of any medication medicine
— Affected associates to utilize Well Link , the health program’s committed telehealth platform, to get medical and psychological health services free of charge, without any copayments or deductible. Participants should input the code BCBSMA20 from the voucher code box on the payment screen.

In reaction to this coronavirus pandemic, Blue Cross has obtained other Blue Cross is:

— Waiving referral, consent, and pre-certification demands for some pharmacy and medical solutions.
— Covering in-network health and psychological health visits conducted through video or phone (telehealth) without a co-pay, deductible or co-insurance.

The aforementioned enhanced gains have been in effect for many Blue Cross members for the length of the general health crisis.

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