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Dr. Howard Bellin: Questions about Rhinoplasty

A plastic surgeon named Dr. Howard Bellin, recently spoke with Health Plan News about concerns that people had about getting your nose fixed. Frequently referred to as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty is one of the most ordinarily performed cosmetic procedures in the world. And one of the oldest. The procedure involves altering the shape of the nose in some way-whether to straight the effect of an accident or injury, or to improve the overall visual aspect of the face. Popular cases of rhinoplasty include removing a hump, increasing or diminishing the size of the nose, converting the shape of the anterior nares or reshaping the tip.

A procedure originating in seventh century India, rhinoplasty has literally been performed for 1000s of years. Thanks to improvements in popular surgical techniques, rhinoplasty can now be performed to an highly high degree of precision, with minimal scarring; and success rates are particularly high.

One of these surgical techniques, “closed rhinoplasty” is getting quite standard with surgeons and patients alike. This technique involves no external scarring at all. Incisions are made inside the nostrils and are totally hidden once healed.

What Are the Benefits of Rhinoplasty?

Because a nose job can better your appearance, rhinoplasty can also help to improve your self esteem. Improved self esteem, in turn, may have good results in other areas. People who have had rhinoplasty may be more cosy meeting other people or talking to in particular types of activities because they are no longer perturbed about their overall appearance.

A Nose Job can also offer benefits beyond just aesthetic. Rhinoplasty can also be used to better someone’s breathing. Circumstances such as a deviated (shifted or crooked to one side) septum, scar tissue left behind from an injury, or a problem with the cartilage inside the nose will create difficulties with air flow in certain individuals. By reshaping the inside of the nose, doctors are able to better air flow and provide relief to breathing problems.

One of the grounds for the growing popularity of getting you nose fixed is its long-term history of safety and success. In fact, most individuals who have undergone rhinoplasty report that they are happy with their results and have experienced an betterment in the overall quality of their lives.

Is Getting Your Nose Fixed Right for You?

Getting your nose fixed might benefit you if you have a problem with issues sleeping. Because these circumstances are often the direct result of results immediately related to the structure and shape of your nose, you can oftentimes be rectified by surgically altering that structure of the nose. Unlike other treatments for snoring and sleep apnea, a nose job offers a perm result to the underlying problem.

You may also care to consider rhinoplasty if you believe powerfully that the way people look at your face, and thence your quality of life, is negatively impacted by the shape of your nose.

It is important, however, to start into any cosmetic procedure with real expectations. While getting your nose fixed can certainly better the way you look, anyone who wants that cosmetic surgery will dramatically improve family relationships or lead to a juicier job may not be a good candidate for a nose job. It’s critical to talk with your cosmetic surgeon about your expectations in order to see whether rhinoplasty is the advisable course of action for you.

In general, good prospects for a nose job are in great physical and mental health, and are old enough for their noses to have fully developed (usually 15-16 for women and 17-18 for men).

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