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eHealth Releases Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Today “>eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: EHTH), the leading private online marketplace for health insurance It announced the publication its inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG report), which details the company’s ESG strategy. Performance for 2020 Calendar Year. You can find the complete report here accessed via the eHealth Investor Relations Website.

“We are thrilled to publish our first ESG report. It details our efforts. Commitment to the principles and values of corporate responsibility “Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” Scott Flanders, CEO of eHealth. “Since Since eHealth was founded, we have used the most recent technology to offer a Providing seamless customer service for millions of customers, The entire industry is now on the same page, paving the way to a new era. More sustainable approach to the distribution of health insurance Enrollment

2020 was the year that eHealth started focusing more on ESG-related principles With the aim of providing more transparency to stakeholders and analogues, Increased emphasis on corporate citizenship. Highlights The following are included in the report.

Environment: Climate Change and Other Global Environmental Issues Our employees face challenges that threaten their health and well-being. Customers and communities. Our operations are minimally regulated. We believe that everyone has a part to play in reducing environmental impact Effectively planning for and mitigating climate change.

eHealth created a corporate sustainability program that focuses on reducing environmental impact. Greater environmental stewardship, and more efforts to strengthen Connections with colleagues and the communities.
eHealth developed systems that help companies better understand each other. Its environmental impact, including greenhouse gases, can be quantified. emissions; eHealth also committed to purchasing offsets Company’s carbon footprint by 2021

Social: Our most valuable asset is our employees, and we work hard to ensure that they are. Put them first. We are a creative, collaborative group that works together with one another. Shared mission

eHealth performed a materiality assessment. This effort included Reaching out to key stakeholders such as customers and employees Partners
eHealth created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to enhance its diversity and inclusion programs.
eHealth remained in touch with employees via regular Town Executive communications, engagement surveys, and hall meetings. The Company also created Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Engage employees in diversity discussions and build relationships with them Volunteerism and philanthropy can help communities.

Governance: eHealth’s commitment towards our customers and our employees Our stakeholders go beyond the mission to connect consumers With the right insurance coverage. We help them connect safely and ethically.

eHealth adopted a Global Human Rights Policy and Vendor Code of Conduct.
eHealth has updated its Corporate Investment Policy in order to emphasize Invest in companies that are strong on environmental, social and economic issues Corporate governance practices in place

The ESG Report covers key activities across entities. Financial control of eHealth for 2020. Reporting Methodology aligns with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and follow frameworks consistent with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, (SASB).

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eHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ : EHTH), operates a top-rated health insurance company Marketplace at, featuring technology Provides consumers with solutions for enrolling in health insurance. Since Since 1997, more than 8,000,000 members have been connected with quality. Affordable health insurance, Medicare options and ancillary plans. Our Our proprietary marketplace offers Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement. Medicare Part D prescription drug for individual, family, and small business You can also get other plans from more than 200 insurance companies in fifty states. The District of Columbia and all states

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