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Hudson Regional Hospital Lawsuit Dismissed

A lawsuit against healthcare entities related to Hudson Regional Hospital and its proprietor Yan Moshe has been dismissed (Eastern District Federal Court Docket Number 20cv01098).

Claims were dismissed contrary to all of the parties named in the lawsuit.

“We’re Happy with this voluntary dismissal from GEICO,” says Yan Moshe, “This signifies the start to a clear and extremely functional relationship that concentrates on accessibility to high quality medical services to the countless GEICO- insured patients at New York and New Jersey.”

“I could not have asked for a much better result with this conflict with GEICO,” states Dr. Regina Moshe, “In CitiMed, we’re pleased to offer exceptional care to all patients and we’re particularly pleased to keep a fantastic connection with GEICO-insured clients.”

“On behalf of the team, I’m Very proud of this reputation we’ve Established at Hudson Regional Hospital because of its high quality acute care centre during our three decades of surgery,” explained Dr. Nizar Kifaieh, President and CEO of Hudson Regional Hospital. “The voluntary dismissal of this claim by GEICO from HRH and Premier Anesthesia was a plausible settlement and also a testament to our reputation in the community”

“Importantly, following a successful conversation with GEICO, such as an Appeal to the Federal 2nd Circuit Court, the litigation was dismissed,” said Keith J. Roberts, adviser to Mr. Moshe and the Hospital. “Our customers were delighted with the results,” he added.

“The result is a Last mood, permanently precluding the Re-litigation of some of those claims that were the subject of their previously registered Complaint,” explained Charles Horn, Esq. counselor to Regina Moshe, MD, and CitiMed.

“The dismissal of the lawsuit places to rest any disagreements between Communication, transparency and mutual collaboration,” explained Russell Friedman, long-time adviser to Mr. Moshe and Hudson Regional Hospital.

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