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Massage Chair Helps Combat Stress, High Blood Pressure, and Depression

Bodyfriend’s Elizabeth Medical Massage Chair is designed to address compounding stress, anxiety and depression through pairing a blood pressure and lifestyle-management app with tailored massage programs.

Many have Predicted 2020 the Entire Year of Disturbance and endurance, both emotionally and physically. Together with the entire world feeling the beat of COVID-19 exhaustion, lockdowns, overwork, childcare, home education and much more, it may feel like the nation is jointly suffocating.

A health and health solutions firm based in Seoul, South Korea, discovered a way to help lessen the persistent bodily and psychological fatigue we confront its fresh Elizabeth Medical Massage Chair, slated for international launch in March.

Solution to a number of the ailments faced throughout the pandemic. On the other hand, the organization’s brand new massage chair has been added to the lineup to tackle the compounding pressure, depression and anxiety confronted by numerous via pairing an blood pressure along with lifestyle-management program with tailored massage apps.

As stated by the CDC, almost half of adults in the USA (45% ) have hypertension, together with 30 million adults advocated to take drugs for a consequence.1 The American Psychological Association also reflects this opinion in its own”Anxiety in America 2020″ research , which says,”almost 8 in 10 adults (78% ) state the coronavirus pandemic is a substantial source of anxiety in their lifetime. “2
“Relying on crucial information on the consequences of stress, depression and anxiety, we combined innovative massage style technology using a hardware/software platform which could correctly quantify and handle a individual’s blood pressure–finally maximizing the blood pressure of the individual with time.”

Elizabeth Medical is a item which systematically links with all the health care application and various physical treatment methods to handle an individual’s blood pressure. The seat is based on information pulled out of the program to make a programmatic massage that functions as a therapeutic instrument.

The Seat and relevant lifestyle-management program also leverage cognitive behavioral treatment programs made by psychiatrists in the Bodyfriend Medical R&D Center. These programs are intended to positively participate and motivate users to keep their health transformation travel through behaviour advancement, personalized diet and exercise recommendations and accessibility to health-oriented articles, like articles and suggestions.
Medical R&D Center using its Emotional Massage and Brain Control –started in 2018. Kim also said that these improvements by Bodyfriend from the massage-chair sector”not only look after the human body, but they treat their brain… that is essential in fulfilling our vision of finally expanding our client’s healthy lifespan by 10 years with the most restricted demand for clinical or medical remedies”

Bodyfriend Is working on building out its hardware and software capabilities by incorporating what they predict a Healthcare Robot, that is built around artificial intelligence and IoT (net of items ). It is going to also build on calculations for linking the client’s health care and mental information to connected programs, medical experts and much more.

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