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WellSpark Health and LAZ Parking Partnership

WellSpark Health and LAZ Parking, one of the largest parking companies in the country, have partnered to create a next generation employee benefit program in support of the modern workforce. The innovative program is built to understand and respond to the realities people face in our complex world when managing their life and health.

As a conscious, people-first company, LAZ Parking is committed to taking care of its employees and considers offering benefit choices that support individual differences a critical part of that work. With a diverse workforce spread across the country, LAZ was looking for a partner that could help their employees, also known as “LAZ family members,” create sustainable lifestyle changes to cultivate improved physical, mental and emotional well-being.

WellSpark’s program, powered by Silver Fern Healthcare’s proven, proprietary behavior diagnostic toolset, is built to address the unique bio-psycho-social aspects of each individual and responds to the realities of their world, ensuring engagement. Using data to create customized programs, WellSpark achieves enduring results that positively impact both employers and employees. As an example, WellSpark’s Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) has been recognized as exceeding national averages of traditional CDC Programs, yielding increased average weight loss and reduced A1c levels.

LAZ began partnering with WellSpark in July 2020. LAZ and WellSpark executed an extensive employee education campaign to accompany implementation this fall. Several studies are planned for 2021 to measure the impact of this new, disruptive model.

SOURCE WellSpark Health

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