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Zing Health Recognized for Excellence in Medicare Advantage Benefits Value

Zing Health is among 16 Medicare plans nationwide to have been recognized by HealthMetrix Research as cost-sharing insurance effective. Zing Health’s Signature Care HMO Plan, which has a $0 monthly deductible and a $0 premium, is the only Medicare Advantage plan to earn the Excellence designation in 2022 Medicare Benefits Value.

Zing Health was selected for its 2022 Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit benefits. HealthMetrix Research showed that Zing Health members would have low co-pays or deductibles, regardless of their health status.

Research Estimates Out-of-Pocket Costs

“Our Medicare Advantage plans allow members to see doctors they trust, get the benefits they need, and not worry about out-of pocket costs,” Dr. Eric E. Whitaker is Zing Health CEO and founder. “Zing Health plans cut healthcare costs and eliminate financial surprises.”

Zing Health plans include additional benefits that are not available in traditional Medicare. These include vision and hearing care, as well as telehealth doctor visits, and a 24/7 nurse advisory line. Members can access a community care team to help them manage their chronic conditions. The plan benefits include social support and fitness services that encourage healthy lifestyles.

Whitaker stated that members can use the many resources we have identified in the community to assist them, whether they are from our years of experience and/or organizations we partner with. Our goal is to give members the best options to improve and enhance their lives.

The HealthMetrix Research award recipients were chosen from Medicare Advantage plans in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Based on the 2022 member copayments and deductibles as well as the premiums in Medicare Plan Finder, an analysis revealed which Medicare plans had the lowest and greatest annual out-of pocket costs.

Award demonstrates commitment to value

Zing Health was among hundreds of Medicare Advantage plans in the U.S. that made the list. This recognition recognizes the difficulties healthcare consumers face in comparing healthcare costs for planned visits, unanticipated events, and ongoing care.

HealthMetrix Research president Alan Mittermaier stated that Zing Health demonstrated a commitment in delivering maximum value when designing their plan benefits, copayments and deductibles. We believe that beneficiaries who are informed can use this recognition to indicate excellence just like they can rely upon other awards and consumer ratings which recognize excellence in quality, outcomes, and member satisfaction.

Zing Health members who have Signature Care HMO plans receive higher benefit allowances, $0 copays for essential services and a cost-sharing arrangement that allows them to purchase insurance. HealthMetrix Research estimated annual out-of-pocket costs in three health status categories–excellent, fair and poor–and corresponding utilization of plan benefits.

Zing Health offers six health plans in the Indianapolis region, including Signature Care HMO. Plans are also available for Fort Wayne (Allen County), and Gary (Lake County), markets in Indiana.

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